About Us

Our Story

JE wear has been operational for more than two years at the time of the beginning portion in 2020. Our company was founded in the realm of fitness equipment and sports in the hope of helping our clients stay fit and healthy, without spending money on expensive gym equipment. We source the most effective quality fitness equipment and accessories available at a price that is competitive within the United Kingdom. Our goal was always to increase the health and fitness of our customers. We're dedicated to meeting our clients requirements with their needs in the forefront. Our success is directly related to our clients' fitness as well as our customers' satisfaction. We have made an impact on many lives and we are determined to improve the lives of many more as we move forward.

When you buy from us, you're not just purchasing something useful, but instead it is investing in your health and the support of a community of people to assist you in achieving the goals you set. Our customer support team is incredibly hard to inform our customers about the most recent fitness trends and techniques to ensure they can be able to get the most value from their purchases with the company. With JE Wear, we only care about the fitness of our customers is of paramount importance.

Stay fit Stay Fit, Stay Healthy.

Elder Court,
Woodside Road, Accrington,
Lancashire, BB5 6JP